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The classic picture of the John Paul Black family around 1925?<br />Front: John B., Wayne M., Robert B., WIlbur M., Helen M., Everett Miller.<br />Back: Wilbur B., Alice B., Stanley B., GMA Anna B., Lela B., Eda M., GPA John P B., and Paul E. Black.Aledo First Baptist Church of 1930's (?)<br />1st row, #5 from left is Decker Berglund, next is Paul E Black (Ron's dad)<br />Decker & Paul were lifelong friends, and ham radio enthuisiasts, and stayed in touch via radio often through the years.<br />2nd row, 1st GMA Myrtle Litzenberger, 4th is Margaret E Black (Ron's mother).Ron & Marilyn Black ~1934, Aledo, ILRon & Marilyhn Black, Aledo, IL around 1934Ron & Marilyn Black, Aledo, IL around 19364 Generations: Jessie Hein, Myrtle Litzenberger, Margaret Black,Ron and Marilyn Black ~1937Aunt Frances Litzenberger, Ron & Marilyn Black, Redondo Beach, CA 1937-38Marilyn Black at rented Redondo Beach house in 1937-38Ron & Marilyn Black with West's daughter at Redondo Beach 1937-38Frances Ella Litzenberger<br />Daughter of Myrtle & Reuben Litzenberger<br />Around 1938, Colden Ave. home, Los Angeles, CA.Ron & Marilyn Black with Gma Myrtle Litzenberger at home, L.A., CA ~1939Marilyn loved horses, probably at Wrightwood, CA around 1941.Marilyn at the piano, around 1943Marilyn in the daisys 1940's ?Marilyn & Ron Black at Colden ave home, L.A., about 1945Marilyn Black and Waggles, Colden Ave home in Los Angeles, late 1940sRon, Marilyn and Margaret Black at home, Colden Ave, L.A. late 40's.Marilyn Margaret Ron Black Yosemite Valley 1947?Margaret and Marilyn Black matching outfitsMarilyn Black Late 1940sMarilyn Black and Jackie Ellen Seaton June 1948<br />Front yard at 561 W. Colden Ave., L.A.Marilyn Black at 559 W Colden 1949Margaret, Marilyn, Ron Black, at Little Rock Reservoir, CA ~late 40'sPaul, Ron, Marilyn & Margaret Black, +Waggles at CO River Camp 1948Marilyn, Ray Eastman, Ron, Easter, CO River Camp 1949Paul Margaret Marilyn Ron Black & Waggles Apr 1950Marilyn with "camp hair" CO River Trip Apr 1950Marilyn and Margaret Black at CO River camp Apr 1950Marilyn & Waggles ao CO River Apr 1950 Jackie Ellen Seaton and Marilyn Black early 1950sMarilyn Black at Colden Ave L A early 1950sMatrilyn Black about1951Margaret, Marilyn & Paul Black "faking it" for the picture opportunity. ~1950'sChuck Phemister at Wheaton CollegeMarilyn at Wheaton, ILL studies Nov 54Paula Warner Aug 1955Ron, Marilyhn, Margaret and Paul Black around 1956Xmas 1957 Inglewood, CA <br />Ron, Marilyn, Paul, Frances, and Margaret.Marilyn Black 1950sMarilyn La Puente Scholl ID Card 1962Linda Weber May 1973Marilyn & Chuck Phemister (year unknown)Chuck & Marilyn Phemister Xmas Card 1974Xmas at Palm Desert Black-Phemister 1976<br />Paul Black photos... Tri-X film proofsBlack-Phemister parents of Marilyn & Chuck Sep '85Leota Phemister and Margaret BlackMarilyn Black Phemister July 1981Quick copies of many photos from John Miller's collection..<br />Sharon & John Miller, Paul E. Black, Wayne Miller, around 1987 ?<br />RLB 4/13/04Marilyn & Chuck Phemister, at home in Larned, KS Jul '99Marilyn Phemister, Larned, KS Jul 99Marilyn & Ron at Larned Jul 2000Ron's Jul 2000 visit to Phemister's in Larned, KS<br />Marilyn at the Larned Library.Ron & Fran visit Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS September 2000Visiting Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS 10/18/03<br />Marilyn & Chuck PhemisterFran Black with Leota Phemister.<br />Ron & Fran visit Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS September 2000Mother & Son, Leota and Chuck Phemister. Ron & Fran visit Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS September 2000Ron & Fran visit Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS September 2000 Marilyn & Ronald, at Larned, KS Jun 2002Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS Jun 2002Ron, Paul. Ranae, and Bob Black at Santa Ana, CA 12/06/02Marilyn Phemister, at home, Larned, KS 5/15/03Ron & Fran visit Chuck and Marilyn Phemister at Larned, KS May 2003Chuck and Marilyn at Larned, KS 5/16/03Ron & Fran visit Chuck and Marilyn Phemister at Larned, KS May 2003Ron & Fran visit Chuck and Marilyn Phemister at Larned, KS May 20037/18/03 visit by Beth & Jack Sommers to Snohomish, WA<br />Beth is 2nd cousin of Ron, via her father Wayne Miller, who <br />was son of Eda (Paul Black's sister).Visiting Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS 10/18/03<br />Marilyn & Ron (siblings)Visiting Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS 10/18/03<br />Marilyn & Chuck Phemister and Ron B.Bill and Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS 2003A one day per year bloom of cactus at Marilyn's LTC hospital at Larned, KS<br />RLBlack Photo 06/21/2005Marilyn at home in Larned, KS<br />RLB photo 06/22/2005Chuck, Ron & Marilyn at the Phemister home in Larned, KS<br />RLB photo 06/22/2005Ron visits Marilyn & Chuck at Larned, KS 11/2005Ron visits Marilyn & Chuck at Larned, KS May23-25, 2006<br />Marilyn & Chuck Phemister. Marilyn is wearing the 50th <br />anniversary medallion from her 1956 Class Graduation - <br />Wheaton College, ILRon & Fran visit Marilyn & Chuck at Larned, KS. 10/02/2006Marilyn with Bernie Novatny at Larned, May 2007Ron & Marilyn at Larned, May 23, 2007Marilyn & Ron ( twins for two weeks) 05/25/08Marilyn & Chuck Phemister at Larned, KS 05/25/08Linda Weber, Marilyn Phemister, and Bernie Novatny - Spring 2011?Ron visits Larned, KS May 2011<br />Marilyn Black PhemisterRon visits Larned, KS May 2011<br />Chuck, Marilyn, & Ron.

Dear Friends and Family,

    This is a scrapbook of pictures I've selected from the past years of Marilyn's life that I wish to share with you.   Most of you know that my sister Marilyn Black Phemister passed away on January  19th  2012 at the hospital in Hutchinson, KS.  She had suffered from pneumonia for a month, and that finally conquered her.  Her husband Chuck was at her side through to the end.    It is better that she came to her life's end rather than to prolong the hopeless suffering.  She gave us strength due to her strong faith and she was prepared for the end with confidence.  

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Here are some  contacts you may wish to use regarding Marilyn's passing:

Chuck Phemister                        Ron Black   2028 155th Ave SE
Deceased   8/16/2014                   Snohomish, WA  98290-9705                              (Page revised:   05/24/2016    RLB)
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