Port Angeles - Ediz Hook 2014

Images from my Canon G15  camera.    WA locations   ....Port Angeles, WA    8/19/2014

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At the waterfront of Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14Fran & Ran revisiting Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14Fran at the end of the pier, downtown Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14\nEdiz hook is in the distance. To the west in the distance, is the paper mill we could see from the Hurricane Ridge earlier today. To the right is the Ediz Hook which we will drive soon. Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14This is a view from the tower at the end of the pier, downtown Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14How could one not want to be in this picture? Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14Fran takes in the seaward view from Ediz Hook. Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14 This is as far as the public gets to drive on Ediz Hook. \nPort Angeles, WA 08/18/14A fancy building for the "Port Pilots" on the Ediz Hook. \nPort Angeles, WA 08/18/14The port pilot taxis, with the incoming ferry conecting to Victoria, Canada seen in the background. Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14The Canadian ferry comes into port. Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14 Looking back at the paper plant at the start of Ediz Hook, connection to the mainland. Port Angeles, WA 08/18/14

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