Ruby Beach 2014

Images from my Canon G15  camera.    WA locations   ....Ruby Beach, Olympic Peninsula, WA    8/19/2014

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A foggy arrival in late morning at Ruby Beach, WA 08/19/14Fran at the overlook to Ruby Beach, WA 08/19/14Lots of others have crossed the river to get overthere! \nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14 Fran walks the close side of the river to find an easy crossing place.\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14We always want a picture at this hole in the rock.\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14This crow stands his ground on the steep slope above.\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14Fran surveys the climb ahead....\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14 Fran is happy, part way up the rock.\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14As far as she goes this time. Ruby Beach, WA 08/19/14Not quite a wilderness today! Ruby Beach, WA 08/19/14Another slope to climb. Ruby Beach, WA 08/19/14 And now the descent is a whole other trial.... Ruby Beach, WA 08/19/14These funny liquid-filled bubbles are seen often on the beach. \nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14After a bit of walking the other people thin out a lot.\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14Fran inspects another driftwood shelter.\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14 It is rewarding to find a bit of solitude on a crowded beach!\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14Some more of tghose pesky bubbles....\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14Some artist created a bit of wildlife....\nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14Not the most fleet-footed beach walker down here, but I enjoyed it. \nRuby Beach, WA 08/19/14 The scene is a bit less foggy, but just as crowded as we return to the car. Ruby Beach, WA 08/19/14

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